The "Greening Economies in the European Union's Eastern Neighbourhood" (EaP GREEN) programme assists six countries of the European Union Eastern Neighbourhood Partnership in progressing faster towards a green economy framework. Decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation should result in higher productivity and competitiveness, better natural capital management, enhanced environmental quality of life, and more resilient economies.

EaP GREEN responds to commitments made by countries, the European Union and other partners in major international forums including the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

Nistru River in Rezina, Moldova
by Alexei Suleac

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Green growth indicators

The 5th meeting of the EaP GREEN Steering Committee (10-11 February 2016) reviewed the implementation of the Project work plan in 2015 and plans for 2016. During the discussion, the participants recognised several positive features of the Project (such as high competency of experts, high quality of publications and meetings, engagement of high level officials) and agreed on the ways to address remaining challenges (especially those requiring building synergies between activities, consolidation of the results and their better communication and dissemination). The participants also agreed that the major focus of work in 2016 would be to accelerate the implementation of activities in individual countries, generate regulatory and institutional reform and to ensure their sustainability. 

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